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Related article: AnAJ^j t*Jfcu«*t SKETCH OF COACH-HOUSES AND STABLES. 43 8 BAILY S MAGAZINB. [J S*I I never knew but two clever women in my life. The first was my mother, who could train horses as well as my father ; the second is my wife, who minds her own business." Having thus freed his soul, he turned sullenly upon his heel. How much the Duke loved fox- hunting, and what an amount of thought and labour he gave to its every detail, is shown by the sket- ches on the preceding pages (drawn by his own hand, Metoclopramide Buy notwithstanding the gout) of the stables which he erected at Badminton. In addition to the above, it may be mentioned that no one was firmer than the Duke when, as Master of Hounds, he found it necessary to control an unruly field, or when he had to put an old servant, who momentarily forgot himself, back into his proper place. The Bristol Times quotes an instance of the latter quality in the following words : — " The late head Order Metoclopramide Online of the House of Somerset was in reality a sports- man to the manner born. The Somersets have been mighty hunters from the time that their name became a power in the land. They have hunted big game, too, as well as little, and have never been found wanting * when the gallants of England were up for the king.' " Will Long said of him that he was the best whip he ever saw, and had a wonderful knowledge of when to let hounds alone and when to interfere with them. In the old days he or the Marquess of Worcester always worked a team to covert on hunting days, Generic Metoclopramide whilst he set a good example to all landowners by keeping a stud horse for the use of his tenants. (Kingstown, for instance, who was second to Wild Dayrell, stood here, and Grey Prince sired some excellent hunters.) One grey Buy Metoclopramide Online that the Duke used to ride he was so fond of that after his legs gat shaky, and he was not quite safe as a hack, he would have him taken to the meet in a van. This is the very horse on whose back he was seated when Grant painted him, and which is so Buy Cheap Metoclopramide well known, as he stands facing the Duchess on Tetuan. This beau- tiful picture was presented to her Grace in 1864, and prints of it are to be seen (and how their owners valued them the reader probably knows for himself) in many homes in Gloucestershire and elsewhere." " I will tell you," says a correspondent, " how he came to hunt the hounds. Nimrod Long, son of Will Long, the Purchase Metoclopramide huntsman, struck a hound with his whip pretty forcibly ; the hound cried pen and ink to a pretty tune. On the Duke reproving Nimrod for it, he answered the Duke in a way that the Duke did not approve, so his Grace sent him home. Later on, Old Will came to the Duke and said that if his son had to go he should go as well. ' Well, so be it,' said his Grace. 'Who is to hunt the hounds ? ' * I will/ replied the Duke, Purchase Metoclopramide Online and he did— and thoroughly well he did it too. His enthusiasm, his cheeriness and the way he could blow his horn (better than anyone I ever heard) seemed to put life into bis pack. He was so quick, that (with all his weight) he would sit down on his horse with the seat of a jockey, and gallop at top speed. He never liked to have a fox killed in a drain, but kept terriers that would go up to a fox and bolt him, but not mangle or injure him ; and many a good run was the result. He was always ready for a gallop, no matter how late it was." To adduce further evidences of the Duke's keenness as a sports- 1899-1 Buy Metoclopramide CRICKET SONG. 439 man would be but to weary and exhaust the, patience of my readers. Finally, let me therefore bring these remarks to a con- clusion by reminding some who will read them that nothing would have given Metoclopramide Online the Duke more genuine satisfaction than to think that the faithful partner of his joys and sorrows who survives him would be appre- ciated as she deserves by those among whom her lonely life will henceforward be passed. If it be true that •' to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die," the memory of the eighth Duke and Duchess of Beaufort, however evanescent among those who knew them not, will long survive in the grateful re- collection of those best acquainted with and most worthy of them. Cricket Song. How Cheap Metoclopramide blithely to the meet we ride Upon a hunting day, How sweet to hear at covert-side The huntsman's " Gone away;" Some love to stalk the antlered prey Over the heath-clad hills, To draw the fish from Tweed or Tay, The gaff beneath his gills ; Chorus — But on a clear and sunny day, With a true and lively wicket, Of all the grand old games we play, There is not one like Cricket. 'Tis joyous on a well-found craft To fly before the breeze, And watch the silver streak abaft, Furrowing the summer seas ; Right gallantly a stalwart crew Cuts through the brimming wave, And whether light or dark the blue, AH honour to the brave ; Chorus — Order Metoclopramide But on a clear and sunny day, With a true and lively wicket, Of all the grand old games we play, There is not one like Cricket. And football is a noble game